Project Marketing/ Landlord Representation

SKYDEALZ offers developers and landlords a well-established and a proven selling structure of Commercial Properties within India and overseas. We continue to be growing force due to our unique combination of coordinated selling initiatives, expertise commitment and reputation. It is this expertise that many of India’s largest developers/promoters rely on when it comes to marketing/leasing of their projects.

Planning the Project:

You will find that we bring extensive experience to your project. Our involvement at the design and feasibility stage, which will be highly beneficial for:

  • Site selection and assessment.
  • Establishing design criteria and product mix.
  • Market input and pricing.
  • Marketing Budgets.
  • Development Feasibility.
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Planning the Marketing:

Successful marketing is best built in at the design stage. The product needs to be right for the marketing to work. We will work with you to:

  • Determine target markets.
  • Establish successful leasing/selling strategies.
  • Design effective presentation materials.
  • Plan advertising programs.
  • Manage the selling process until completion.
  • Provide add-on buyer services, property management, finance, accounting and legal.

We work with office and industrial landlords in various markets, whether you have a multiple portfolio or a single property, our professionals secure the best tenants to lease your available space. In addition, you may be considering any of the following:

  • Strategic marketing program: You’re a smart investor that appreciates a custom-designed marketing and leasing program that promotes your property’s strengths and benefits to tenants and the brokerage community.
  • Maximize property value and occupancy levels: We will rapidly lease your available space to creditworthy tenants, at above-market rents, through effective positioning and aggressive negotiation.
  • Reduce risks and maintain asset flexibility: We stagger your lease expirations to ensure that leases don’t roll at the same time, creating a more stable asset and reducing downtime.
  • Strategy development: We help tenants identify and align strategic business, financial, and operational objectives with real estate requirements. Our experts will advise you on how to best position and promote your property to ensure maximum tenant interest and exposure.
  • Market advice: We will provide accurate and in-depth market information to ensure that your leasing and marketing strategies, as well as your implementation program, will be well informed and supported by superior market intelligence. We will also provide detailed information on tenants in the market, impending lease expirations, and corporations considering expansion.
  • Financial analysis: We will analyze tenant offers and counteroffers to ensure they meet your financial goals and structure tenant terms that result in favorable transactions.
  • Leasing services: We will work with you and your legal counsel to negotiate and optimize business and legal terms and prepare proposals and counterproposals.
  • Global reach: We have operations across major metros in the country and an international office in UK. Our extensive reach will provide you with access to a large database of global tenants, thereby maximizing your commercial real estate potential.

Adding Value – The Advantages of Our Approach:

We leverage our market position within the leasing, tenant representation, and property management sectors to ensure that timing, positioning, and prospects are evaluated in the context of ownership strategy. The result is a steady cash flow and credit tenant mix that enhances the value of the asset.