Lease Renewals/ Renegotiations

A major challenge faced by tenants is navigating a lease negotiation or renewal with limited knowledge of the process and the market. Owners are well aware that those seeking renewals place convenience over cost. And relative inexperience can mean tenant negotiations fall short when it comes to savings and flexibility.

We are commercial lease negotiation specialists, we offer years of experience, unmatched integrity and a hands-on approach to settle on the fairest commercial lease terms, even in landlord-skewed markets. We bring the know how to help you negotiate.

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  • Incentives : Incentives in the form of a rent-free period, rent abatement or fit-out contribution can equate to thousands of dollars’ worth of savings over the lease term.
  • Asking rent : With the right advice, you can be confident that you are entering a fair agreement, which reflects current market value and trends.
  • The fine print: A typical leasing agreement is over 50 pages long and may contain legal jargon, hidden costs and contractual traps. So, it is imperative that tenants seek professional advice before signing on the dotted line.
  • Flexible lease terms: To stay competitive, companies need to remain agile. Flexible leases may afford businesses the opportunity to upsize or downsize, review rent, sublease or break lease if market conditions change.
  • Make goods/Reinstatement : A Reinstatement or make good is a clause in most commercial leases, which requires the tenant to return the property to its original condition before handing back the keys. However, it can be an expensive exercise if not negotiated correctly.

Lease negotiations are tedious, and even small mistakes can drive up costs. So, it’s essential that you do your due diligence before you sign on the dotted line. Engaging us will level the playing field and save you time and money. Get in touch with us today!