Tenant Representation

We are here to nullify the confusion of knowing who to contact for your needs.

At SKYDEALZ, we like to supply our clients with plenty of information to help them feel confident from day one. Below is a brief overview of what we are? & What we do?

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What are we?

We handle tenant side of commercial real estate transactions. Sometimes referred to as tenant advisory or corporate services, We are always there to assist companies and organizations throughout the entire leasing process, from the initial needs assessment, site selection to occupancy, lease expiration, and beyond.

We take the stress of the real estate process off your plate. Finding the right real estate solution truly is a full-time job, and We will run the process for you, presenting you with the best options to fit your company, while you focus on what matters most to you.

What we do?

We help facilitate the leasing transaction between a tenant and a landlord. Rather than going through the process alone, a company can hire us to represent them throughout the entire leasing process. SKYDEALZ can assist you with:

  • Deciding whether to relocate or renew.
  • Finding the right space for your needs.
  • Securing space on favorable terms.
  • Questions during your lease.
  • Selling or purchasing space.